HeaterMeals has proudly served the Emergency Preparedness/Emergency Response sector since 1997. We were the first shelf-stable, self-heating emergency meal. We continue to be the # 1 choice of emergency agencies, businesses and the military for overall nutrition, patented self-heating technology, and dependability.

HeaterMeals are designed for everyday diets, and provide excellent nutrition compared to MREs. Emergency agencies across the country use HeaterMeals because of their nutrition, ease of use, and long shelf-life shelf.

Recommended Product: HeaterMeals EX

HeaterMeals EX was designed for Extended storage, up to 5 years based on the production date. The long shelf life makes it ideal for emergency agencies, businesses and hospitals that want to store food items until needed, and they’re quick and easy to distribute to individuals. HeaterMeals EX serve 12 oz. entrees, and provide peace of mind: they will be there when you need it.

Recommended Product: HeaterMeals 3

HeaterMeals 3 Self-Heating Meal Kits have a shelf life of up to 3 years, based on the production date. This complete meal kit includes the self-heating entree, three name brand snack items and a powdered drink mix. HeaterMeals 3 is ideal for intermediate-term storage and emergency feeding situations.

Recommended Product: Cafe2Go

Cafe2Go was originally developed in cooperation with the  U.S. Army Natick Soldier Systems Center (NSSC) as the self-heating beverage kit for the UGR-E (Unitized Group Ration Express). Cafe2Go includes everything needed to serve 18 cups of your favorite hot beverage: coffee, tea, hot cocoa and now even soup, and features name brand such as NESCAFE, NESTEA, NESTLE Hot Cocoa, COFFEE MATE creamers and LIPTON soups. You just need to provide one gallon of potable water.

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