Q- What does FRH stand for?

A- FRH stands for a flameless ration heater- used by the US Military to heat MRE’s- (Meals, Ready-To-Eat)

Q- What is in an FRH made of?

A- Magnesium, iron, and sodium

Q- How is a FRH activated?

A- With water, or saline solution, tear the bag open at the tear notch, put the food to be heated in the bag, and put in the liquid to the fill to the fill line, be careful not to overfill.

Q- How long does is take to heat a meal, and what is the temperature it reaches?

A- Once the water or saline is added, it will take about 10-12 minutes to heat the food inside the bag, and it will be heated to at least 100° degrees Fahrenheit.

Q- Will the bag be hot while it is heating?

A- Yes, the bag will be hot, when you activate the heater make sure you close the bag to keep steam from escaping, steam will be very hot, please do not put your hands too close to the steam. For best outcome place the bag at an angle.

Q- Can I eat the food right away?

A- Be careful opening the tray or pouch the contents will be hot. Knead the pouch to ensure uniform temperature.

Q- When would a flameless heater be used?

A- An FRH would be used whenever you are away from the convenience of electricity, either in a disaster, where power is out, or campers, hunters, and boaters.

Q- How long have you been making FRH’s?

A- We have been making the FRH for the US military and other friendly militaries around the world for over 30 years and have produced almost 2 billion units.

Q- Can you make custom versions of heaters for my application?

A-Contact us at

Q- What do I do with my heater after I heat my meal?

A- After heating your meal, the heater and bag can be disposed of in normal trash and the material inside is non-hazardous.






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