HeaterMeals are the perfect hiking companion

Did you know that from Monday, April 22 Friday, April 26, the national parks waive all entrance fees? So, whether it is your first trip, or the latest of many memorable park experiences, there couldn’t be a better time to get out and explore.

Now picture this: You’ve had a long day hiking through Red River Gorge, after setting up your campsite and an all day hike- you’re tired and hungry and the last thing you want to think about is fixing food. That would mean either starting a fire going or breaking out your camping grill then prepping the food for cooking.

Why do that when you can easily cook HeaterMeals? Within 10 minutes you’re ready to eat!

HeaterMeals come complete with seasoning packets, salt and pepper packets, patented self heating package and the right amount of water to activate the heating package, utensils for eating, and napkins.

HeaterMeals are an excellent addition to your backpacks for an overnight or possibly an extended backpacking trip. You can also eliminate the box if necessary to save on space in your pack. HeaterMeals are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for a quick meal after a long day on the trail and minimal cook time.

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16 Nov, 23

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