Learn How To Be Prepared for Hurricane Season

May 27-31 is National Hurricane Preparedness Week; every year, hurricanes put communities at risk of catastrophic damage from storm surges, to flooding, and high winds. During Hurricane Preparedness Week, we rededicate ourselves to recognizing the need to prepare and have a plan for emergency situations such as hurricanes. Having a disaster kit and plan in place helps prevent loss of life and damage to property.

All this week, we’ll be taking a look at what steps you’ll need to take to be prepared as well as what to do in the event of a hurricane.

What to do before a hurricane strikes:

Know your surroundings.

Is your area:

  • Flood-prone?
  • At risk during a storm or tide surge?
  • Identify levees and dams in your area
  • Learn your community evacuation routes and how to find higher ground

Stay Informed

  • Listen to local news and weather to find out about storms possible in your area
  • Know the difference between a Watch and a Warning
  • Download apps for your smartphone such as:
  • The Weather Channel-allows you to set up severe weather alerts
  • Hurricane by the American Red Cross-provides real-time storm alerts, storm tracking and can locate shelters nearby.

By raising awareness about hurricane hazards and taking action we will not only protect our families and our homes, but our neighborhoods and communities.

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