The Facts

HeaterMeals and MREs are often confused.
While they are both shelf-stable, self-heating meals, the similarities end there.

The comparison

HeaterMeals offer many choices with the TrueTech patented self-heating technology, nutritional value that tastes great, extended shelf-life, and a minimal storage footprint.

More Nutrition

  • Zero Trans Fats
  • 40-60% Less Sodium
  • 15-20% Higher in Protein and Fiber
  • Lower in Cholesterol
  • 100% Juice Beverage

More Food

  • HeaterMeals® Lunch/Dinner Entrees are 12oz
  • The standard commercial MRE entree is only 8oz

More Options

HeaterMeals offers chicken, beef and vegetarian options that include brand name snacks as well as four breakfast kits with Steel-Cut Oatmeal.

We Hope You’ll Read The Label

The food in HeaterMeals Self-Heating Meals is formulated differently to a military MRE rations. Those are designed to sustain active, combat soldiers. To do that, MREs must contain higher calories and high levels of sodium, carbohydrates and fats to sustain a soldier’s energy levels.

HeaterMeals are nutritionally designed for the diets of civilians. As a result, our food contains fewer calories, and lower levels of fats, carbohydrates and sodium. In fact, our sodium levels are 40% to 60% less than MREs.

This makes HeaterMeals more acceptable for a wider array of dietary needs.

HeaterMeals will always be there when you need them

All HeaterMeals® Self-Heating Meals are shelf-stable food products that do not require refrigeration. Our three product lines each have varying shelf lives to meet your needs. The shelf life of a product is measured in years, and is based on the production date of that product. The temperature in which the product was stored can affect the shelf life.

Our food contains the freshest ingredients to prepare each and every meal. No preservatives are added, and no preservative process is used. HeaterMeals uses Retort Packaging to achieve its long shelf-life, and to ensure greater retention of the food’s original aroma, texture, nutrients and flavor.

The food in HeaterMeals Entrees is fully cooked in a two step process:


  • A HeaterMeals Entree is first cooked, packed and safety-sealed in a retort tray or a strong, flexible retort pouch; the container is then heated again at high temperatures under pressure.
  • The second cooking step is much like the traditional canning process, ensuring your meal is ready-to-eat without refrigeration or freezing.

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