Product Markets

Over the last 20 years, HeaterMeals has been the #1 self-heating meal across the board in all product markets:

  • The #1 self-heating meal in terms of nutrition
  • #1 in proven heating technology
  • The #1 meal used by Emergency Agencies

We have worked closely with the U.S. Armed Forces, Feeding America, state and local emergency agencies, the American Red Cross, hospitals, and senior care facilities to provide hot meals and beverages that meet their needs. Whether it’s providing food to soldiers in the field, responding to a natural disaster or preparing for an emergency, HeaterMeals provides warm, nutritional meals… great in any situation.

In recent years, HeaterMeals has evolved to include the world’s first self-heating beverage kit, Cafe2Go. It includes everything needed to enjoy, coffee, or hot cocoa, Anytime, Anyplace. The HeaterMeals and Cafe2Go brands are part of Luxfer Magtech Inc.


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