HeaterMeals EX offers the same satisfying entrees you love with an extended (up to) 5 year shelf/storage life; offering a simple, long-term planning solution for emergency feeding.

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HeaterMeals EX – Assorted Lunch/Dinner Entrees
$65.28 12 Units / Case
Minimum order = x2 case

Exceptional Reviews

“ I used to order these by the case and take them out on the road with me. I always had a hot meal if I wanted it. LIFE SAVERS! Truckers complaining about not finding a hot meal could really use these right now!”
“ This is the Best Emergency Meal for Civilians. This is your best bet for civilian emergencies, or for odd hours in towns where all the stores/restaurants close early. I always have these around, and often travel with them.”
“ Great warm meal in the worst situations is always worth 5 stars.”

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