Medical Staff

Hospitals and senior care facilities have a special job. Taking care of others is a hard job, even when things are going well. During an emergency, though, when people and supplies might be scarce, and power is short, the difficulties multiply. These become stressful times for healthcare workers. They often work longer shifts, and are dealing with challenges that are beyond the norm.

Keeping an adequate supply of HeaterMeals EX at your facility will ensure that your staff stays fed and energized. Nothing reinvigorates like a piping hot meal. With our patented self-heating technology, personnel can enjoy A Hot Meal, Anytime, Anyplace. HeaterMeals EX heats within minutes, and includes everything you need to enjoy the meal: serving tray, spoon, napkin and seasonings.

Recommended Product: HeaterMeals EX

HeaterMeals EX was designed for Extended storage, up to 5 years based on the production date. The long shelf-life makes it ideal for healthcare facilities to store meals until they’re needed. This shelf-stable, self-heating meal helps provide peace of mind: it will be there when you need it.

HeaterMeals Ex has the following benefits:

  • Meets Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) EM Standards.
  • Fulfills Emergency Management Program COOP plans for storing 96 hours of food
  • Entrees formulated for the diets of most people
  • Food that is nutritionally superior to other emergency meals;
    • Lower levels of sodium and less fat
    • No trans fats
  • Up to a 5 year shelf-life, based on the production date.
  • Includes a serving tray, spoon, napkin, salt and pepper.
  • Efficient use of storage space: two stackable 720-meal pallets (1440 meals) have a 40″ X 48″ footprint.
  • Our Self-Heating technology included in every box!

Recommended Product: Cafe2Go

Cafe2Go includes everything needed to serve 18 cups of your favorite hot beverage: coffee, or hot cocoa. You just need to provide one gallon of potable water, we supply the coffee, the cups, stirrers, sugars and creamers. Within minutes your staff can be refreshed and re-energized.

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