Hot, Delicious and Healthy: HeaterMeals offer more than commercial MREs

In today’s world, we want both health and convenience which can be difficult to achieve. This comes from the desire to stay healthy and constantly stay on-the-move, luckily you can meet both goals with HeaterMeals.

With HeaterMeals you get products that feature:

  • No Trans Fats
  • Higher levels of Protein and Fiber
  • Less Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium

HeaterMeals Nutrition Chart
The same can’t be said of the popular commercial MREs. Even though they are packaged for civilian sale, these meals still use the same food that was designed to feed active, combat soldiers.

Along with the nutritional benefits of HeaterMeals, you are also getting more food for your dollar. The standard commercial MRE is 8 ounces, while the HeaterMeals entrees are 12 ounces.
On top of better nutrition and more bang for your buck, HeaterMeals offers selections that include chicken, beef and vegetarian options as well as four breakfast kits with Steel-Cut Oatmeal.

With HeaterMeals you get more:

  • More choices
  • More nutritional benefits
  • More food per meal
  • More food for your dollar

HeaterMeals offer all of that choice with the TrueTech patented self-heating technology, nutritional value that tastes great, extended shelf-life, and a minimal storage footprint…all for around $4 per meal.

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16 Nov, 23

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