How Does HeaterMeals’ Extended Storage Work?

HeaterMeals Self-Heating Meals boast some really great features: our patented self-heating technology, and ournutritional superiority over other emergency meals, just to name a few. Perhaps the most amazing feature, though, is the shelf life of our meals. With an extended storage capability of up to five years, HeaterMeals is not just the right emergency meal for emergency response, but also the ideal choice for emergency planning.

HeaterMeals Plastic tubOur ability to extend the shelf life of our food products has nothing to do with preservatives. Instead, the long shelf-life comes from its packaging. We use a process that is similar to what is done in canning. First, the food is cooked and then placed in the packaging. We then seal the package, and cook the food a second time. This second cooking raises the temperature of the food, eliminating any microbes that might be present. This process ensures a safe, stable meal for an extended period.
HeaterMeals Pouch 1

For years, the canning industry has used metal cans to package their food. The cans are durable, and you can seal them airtight. HeaterMeals uses a different package to achieve the same goal. Our original product, HeaterMeals Entrees, and ourHeaterMeals Plus Meal Kits, are packaged in a plastic, 12-ounce tub. Once the cooked food is placed in the tub, a plastic film cover is glued in place and the meal is then cooked a second time. The seal is guaranteed for up to two years.
Instead of a plastic tub, HeaterMeals 3 Meal Kits, and HeaterMeals EX use a slightly different package. After the food is cooked, it is placed in a 4-layer retort pouch and sealed. The pouch is a much more durable container than the plastic tub.It doesn’t allow any air to enter the package. Using the 4-layer pouch and the double-cooking process ensures a shelf-life of up to five years!!
The secret to extended storage, then, is the packaging. It’s one more reason why HeaterMeals is the ideal choice for both emergency response, and emergency preparedness.
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