How Does it Work?

That’s probably the most commonly asked question when someone encounters a steaming, hot HeaterMeal for the first time – “How does it work?” HeaterMeals are not your run-of-the-mill product. Everyone understands a lawn mower, or has seen a can opener used. But a self-heating meal?? What is that? How does it work??

HeaterMeals are the original Self-Heating Meal. Without the need for electricity or an open flame, a HeaterMeal can raise the ambient temperature of the entree 100 degrees in just ten minutes, giving you a piping hot meal, anytime, anyplace.

“But How does it work?”

Every HeaterMeals entree or meal kit uses the TRUETECH patented Flameless Ration Heater (FRH) to heat the meals. TheFRH is made of food grade iron and magnesium powder. It’s the same stuff you would find in a vitamin supplement, so it’s totally safe. When the iron and magnesium powder comes in contact with salt water, it begins an exo-thermic reaction. The by-product of that reaction is heat. That heat, then, is what heats a HeaterMeal.

The TRUETECH patented FRH was originally developed for the U.S. Army nearly 20 years ago. Since 1990, over 1.5 Billion heaters have been used as part of the military’s “Meals Ready to Eat” (MRE) program. The FRH heaters are used easily in situations where open flame is prohibited or not recommended. This makes them ideal for military use, campers, hunters, boaters, or anyone interested in emergency preparedness supplies.

That’s how it works. It’s a cool product, that gets really hot!

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