March Is American Red Cross Month

HeaterMeals, Red Cross, Red Cross Month, MarchFor 133 years, the American Red Cross has helped individuals and families prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies.

Each spring since 1942, starting with Franklin Roosevelt, the U.S. President acknowledges the American Red Cross and encourages volunteerism by issuing a proclamation that declares March as Red Cross Month.

Many people think ‘blood donation’ when they think of the Red Cross, but their services go far beyond blood drives. Red Cross volunteers are among the first on the scene after a natural disaster or emergency, helping distribute supplies, and providing food, water, and shelter to displaced citizens. Local Red Cross chapters also offer services such as: health and safety training, including babysitting courses, CPR and lifeguard training, and help to our military families in times of personal emergencies.

After an emergency, whether it’s a fire, hurricane, or tornado, people in red jackets are all around.

They are handing out blankets, water or a teddy bear. They are quietly weaving between emergency personnel, careful not to interfere, but present for every victim on the scene. They are everyday heroes, they are Red Cross volunteers.

HeaterMeals has proudly served the Emergency Preparedness & Response sector since 1997, and we are honored to continue working with the American Red Cross.

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