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By itself, our patented self-heating technology makes HeaterMeals an ideal survival food for use during, or after, a disaster or severe weather event. HeaterMeals require no electricity or open flame to heat.  Our meals provide a nutritious, tasty, “Hot Meal, Anytime, Anyplace.”

Ordering and receiving a stock of HeaterMeals in response to a disaster is easy.  Just call 800-503-4483 to order. We also provide three 24/7/365 emergency numbers for ordering after business hours.  Our sales staff are experts in coordinating emergency shipments. It’s what we do.  You’ll have a lot more on your mind when you call than just needing HeaterMeals. We’ll take care of getting your order where it needs to be quickly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on other concerns.

HeaterMeals will ship any size order that you need, as well, from a single case, to multiple truckloads. In addition, our team members are trained and ready to prepare and ship emergency orders in an expedited fashion. It’s our highest priority!

HeaterMeals also ensures that we have meals ready to go to fill your order. At any given time, we have between one and two million self-heating meals on hand, ready to ship. Our inventory is stored in two climate-controlled warehouses in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We’re centrally located in the Midwest along three major interstate highways, and within two hours of four more.  Our location, along with our strategic transportation partnerships, allows us to reach 79% of the nation’s population within 24 hours!

Our self-heating technology, our accessibility, our staff, our inventory, and our transportation capabilities all make HeaterMeals the best choice for emergency feeding after a disaster. We have the meals, we have the expertise, and we’re ready to help.

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