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When people think of HeaterMeals often their thoughts go to active combat soldiers in the military. While HeaterMeals are used by the military; there are many other individuals and groups who use and rely on HeaterMeals. Individuals who work in construction, healthcare and emergency response are just some of whom rely on HeaterMeals products.

Hospitals and senior care facilities have very special jobs. Taking care of others is hard, even when things are going well. During an emergency when people, power and supplies might be scarce, the difficulties only grow. These become stressful times for healthcare workers and they often work longer shifts, and are dealing with challenges that are beyond the norm.

With the patented self-heating technology used in HeaterMeals and Cafe2Go those who work in HealthCare can stay fed and energized with a piping hot meal within minutes. HeaterMeals include everything you need to enjoy the meal: serving tray, spoon, napkin and seasonings.

Those who work on construction sites are often out in very rural areas where the ability to prepare a warm meal is not convenient or sometimes not possible at all. With HeaterMeals and Cafe2Go allow crews to have hot coffee, tea, cocoa and soup as well as hot meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Emergency response organizations such as the Red Cross rely on HeaterMeals and Cafe2Go to help feed volunteers and those who have been affected by disaster such as hurricanes, floods, and fires after which electricity is not available. HeaterMeals and Cafe2Go offer a hot drink and a warm meal which can provide a small comfort during times of need.

Military soldiers are only one of the groups who rely on HeaterMeals and Cafe2Go for hot beverages and nutritious meals- anytime, anywhere.

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16 Nov, 23

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