Why Extended Storage is the Right Option

It wasn’t long ago that folks who prepared for a future emergency were viewed as eccentric, extremists, conspiracy kooks, or alarmists. No one really took these folks seriously, and their cautious views often resulted in jokes made about them behind their backs.

However, after a decade that included the 9/11 terrorist attacks, severe weather and earthquakes that had a devastating impact, emergency preparedness has become the responsible thing to do. Prompted by our Federal, State and local governments, individuals are now taking steps to become more prepared for a future disaster.
Those preparations often take different forms. They might include escape plans, or determining rendezvous points for families. Some have purchased generators, or stored gasoline for quick getaways. Typically, preparations include storing first aid kits, extra clothing, and of course food and water. When storing food, the primary concern is the shelf-life: how long will the food last while it is in storage, and will that food be edible.
Dehydrated food is a popular form of food for storage right now. It stores easily, has a long shelf-life, and can be easily re-hydrated with water. However, one drawback to consider is that re-hydrating your food will cut into your water supply. Also, if the power is out, which is very likely in most emergency scenarios, heating your food during re-hydration will present a challenge.  Cold, re-hydrated food is not very appealing.
Another popular option is surplus Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MREs).  However, make sure you know what the production of your MREs are before you purchase them. MREs only have a three-year shelf-life, and if you’re buying them surplus, they may already be past the Use-By date.
Some MRE manufacturers also make commercial forms of their military MREs for civilian use. If purchased soon after their production date, these MREs can have the bulk of their shelf-life in tact. However, MRE manufacturers do not alter the formulation of their foods for their commercial MREs. That means you’re buying a food product for you and your family that was intended for young soldiers in combat situations. MREs contain high levels of calories, fat, carbohydrates and sodium, because soldiers need those nutrients to keep their bodies performing under stressful conditions.
Civilians, on the other hand, do not have those same needs. Those high levels of calories, fat, carbohydrates and sodium can actually be harmful for those who lead a less strenuous lifestyle.
HM EX Chicken Noodle SmallThat’s why we suggest HeaterMeals EX as a long-term emergency storage solution. All of our HeaterMeals have lower levels of calories, fat, carbohydrates and sodium when compared to commercial MREs. In addition, HeaterMeals EX is designed for EXtended Storage, up to five years based on the production date. There is no refrigeration required. That’s because we package HeaterMeals EX using a process similar to canning, except we use a more modern pouch, instead of a can. The packaging alone achieves the long shelf-life, up to five years. There are no preservatives added to our food.
All of our HeaterMeals entrees come ready to eat, as well. Our meals are pre-cooked, and similar to what you might find in your local super market. There is no preparation or re-hydrating required to eat the meal. In addition, every HeaterMeals entree also comes with our patented self-heating technology to heat your meal without the need for electricity, or an open flame. During the stressful times of an emergency, food that is familiar is comforting, and a hot meal does wonders for lifting ones spirits, and renewing ones energy.
While we all pray for the best, it is prudent to be prepared for the worst. With growing uncertainty in the world, unrest in middle-east countries, and our own economic recession, it just makes sense to do so. HeaterMeals EX provides you with a long-term food storage option, a product that self-heats, and a meal that is familiar for your family to eat.
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