Luxfer Magtech Inc. (formerly Truetech Inc.) Self Heating Technology

TrueTech Military SoldierThe TRUETECH (originally ZestoTherm) patented FRH MRE Heater is the water-activated, non-toxic heater especially designed for the US Army. An FRH heats food safely and quickly without fire.

Benefits of the FRH

FRH food heaters are used easily in situations where fire is prohibited or not recommended; making the FRH ideal for soldiers in the field, campers, hunters, boaters, or anyone interested in emergency preparedness supplies.
FRH food heaters weigh less than one ounce, are easy to store, and have a five-year shelf life.

Read a more in-depth explanation from a 1992 ChemMatters Magazine article.

Since 1990, Luxfer Magtech Inc. (formerly TRUETECH Inc. and Luxfer Magtech Inc. (formerly Innotech Products, Ltd.) Ltd.) have made over 2 Billion Flameless Ration Heaters. 

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