Top Hurricane Myths to Avoid

Sunday June 15th, 2014

Avoid these common mistakes to keep your family safe during hurricane season. Being prepared is the best option for any natural disaster scenario. However, the first step for any emergency plan is to make sure you have the right information. Below is a list of six common hurricane myths to avoid to keep your family […]

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Before, During, and After a Hurricane

Monday June 02nd, 2014

A step-by-step guide to staying safe through one of nature’s most powerful disasters Every hurricane can be life-threatening and incredibly damaging. Hurricanes bring with them a wide variety of dangers including: incredibly high winds, driving rain, storm surges, severe flooding, and even tornadoes. Use the following guide as a checklist to keep your family out […]

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Protect Your Home from Hurricane Damage

Wednesday May 21st, 2014

Approximately 58 million Americans live in the 185 coastal counties that border the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. This is the most vulnerable area for hurricanes in the United States. When it comes to hurricanes, being prepared and planning ahead is the best way to stay out of harm’s way. Whether you live […]

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Do you know what coastal weather warnings to listen for?

Monday May 12th, 2014

These different types of announcements will keep you informed during the worst of storms. Staying informed during a tropical cyclone is the first step to keeping your family safe. This handy guide will help you to tell the difference between different types of official coastal weather warnings and announcements. If you are expecting severe weather, […]

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What Is A Tropical Cyclone?

What is a Tropical Cyclone?

Monday May 05th, 2014

One of Nature’s Most Dangerous Disasters Defined Tropical cyclones are some of the most devastating forces of nature, however many Americans are unfamiliar with the terminology used to describe them. Tropical cyclone is the broad term that covers a wide spectrum of rotating, organized storm systems that originate out at sea. They range from the […]

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Hurricane Sandy Power Outlets

Building Your Emergency Kit For The 21st Century

Monday April 28th, 2014

How many modern essentials does your kit have? In the last 10 years, every state in the union has experienced at least one major disaster as declared by the federal government. A well-stocked emergency kit can be a real lifesaver in a variety of situations, including: riots and civil unrest, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, winter storms, […]

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Tornado Safety Tips

Monday April 21st, 2014

Do you know what to do during & after a tornado? Tornadoes are one of nature’s most terrifying spectacles. With wind speeds up to 300 miles per hour and funnels of destruction over 2.5 miles wide, twisters can level entire towns and leave nothing but rubble in their paths. The best strategy for keeping your […]

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Tornado Funnel Cloud Touching Down

Tornado Prep

Monday April 14th, 2014

Are you Tornado Ready? The United States is the world capital of tornadoes because of our unique geography. On average, about 60 Americans are killed by tornadoes each year. Spring is the peak time for twisters, although they can happen during any season or at any time of day. Night time storms are especially dangerous, […]

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warning signs of severe spring weather, tornado warning signs, severe thunderstorm warning signs

Is Your Family Spring Weather Ready?

Sunday April 06th, 2014

Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes are on the way. Spring is a time for blooming flowers and warming beautiful days. Unfortunately, changes in weather can sometimes be drastic and dangerous. April and May are the worst months for tornadoes in the US. While many places in America are susceptible to spring storms, conditions are especially dangerous […]

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Lightning Strikes during spring thunderstorm

Spring Cleaning for Emergency Preparedness

Tuesday April 01st, 2014

Is your home ready for the spring storm season? March 20th is the official beginning of spring and for most American households that means one thing: spring cleaning! It’s the perfect time of year for decluttering and tidying up, but it’s also a great chance to make sure your family is prepared for inclement weather […]

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